Heartland Oncology & Hematology

About Dr. R. Warner

Dr. Robert W. Warner has been dedicated to caring for patients in southwest Iowa since 1987. Board certified in internal medicine and partner at Heartland Oncology & Hematology, he graduated from Creighton University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in internal medicine at the same university.

He completed fellowships in oncology (the study of tumors) and hematology (the study of blood diseases) at the University of Massachusetts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

A firm believer in the importance of communication, Dr. Warner encourages patients and their families to ask any question that is causing concern. The first step to coping with manageable or life-threatening illness is open, honest communication, he said. It is also the first step to establishing trust in a doctor/patient relationship.

You might recognize Dr. Warner's voice. He worked his way through undergraduate college and medical school as a disc jockey. He also hosts a popular radio call-in show "House Calls" every Sunday morning at 9:30 on KMA radio.

Dr. Warner, a Council Bluffs native, continues to live here with his two young daughters.